Biodiversity at Pico Bonito National Park

I was reading some very interesting information about Pico Bonito national park, and there are some facts that I was not aware of, and it is about birds, and I’m pretty sure not many people know the following facts.

In order to make some comparisons, all USA area is approximately 9.8 millions km2, and there are about 900 species of birds in all those millions of km2. On the other hand, in a very tiny part of Honduras territory with only 1000 km2 there are more than 500 species of birds.

That´s incredible, isn´t it? We’re talking that in a very tiny part of Honduras which is 9800 times smaller than USA area, we can find a very rich place in biodiversity, not only birds but other species of animals and plants as well. That place is Pico Bonito, it was declared by Unesco as a National Park and Humanity Inheritance site. This is amazing, it´s something worth sharing with the world. I’m glad I found out about this interesting information so I can share with everybody.

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