The town of Cedros in Honduras

There is a colonial town very near to Tegucigalpa that has a very interesting political and cultural history, it is very easy to get there from Tegucigalpa, we're talking about the town of Cedros which is located in the Department of Francisco Morazan. As there are several other colonial towns in the region of Tegucigalpa, there are quite a few things about Cedros that make it very special.

There are several other towns and communities near Cedros, and we´re going to talk more about them in future posts. For now let´s say that to the North of Cedros we have El Porvenir and San Ignacio, to the south we have Talanga and the Central District where Tegucigalpa is located. To the east of Cedros we have Guaimaca, and to the west we have Comayagua, Villa de San Antonio and Vallecillo.

The town of Cedros is located in an area not very flat, it´s kind of uneven really, with hills and mountains, and it is in the middle of the Department of Francisco Morazan and right to the north of the Siria Valley. In order to get there from Tegucigalpa you have to take the road that goes to the Department of Olancho.

Cedros was founded in the year 1537 by the Spanish conqueror Alonso de Cáceres, so it is one of the oldest cities in Honduras, it was founded only a few years after the oldest city in Honduras which is Trujillo, founded in the year 1525. The original and official name of the town was "Real Minas de San José de Cedros", which means Royal Mines San Jose de Cedros. Back then the Spanish were looking all over the region for places where they could have mines, they were looking for gold and silver, so they founded several colonial towns with the purpose of establishing themselves so they could work the mines for several years, and Cedros was one of those towns.

The catholic church of Cedros is also very old, it was built in the year 1574. The church has been preserved in pretty good conditions for more than 400 years, it is really a jewel of colonial buildings in Honduras. It's not a big church, it´s a small church, but it is beautiful and very old as we said before.

Cedros has the reputation to be one of the most cultural towns in Honduras, it is a town with a very rich history and tradition of culture, religion and politics. There are two main celebrations or festivals in Cedros every year: in January we have the celebration of Patron's Saint Day in Honor to the Cristo Negro or Black Christ which was donated by King Felipe from Spain several centuries ago, and we also have in the month of August a Touristic Festival.

Cedros was also for several years the most important political city in Honduras, that was back in the 19th century. A few years after the independence from Spain in 1821, there was some kind of struggle and rivalry between Comayagua and Tegucigalpa, both cities wanted to become the official capital city of Honduras. In order to avoid arguments and discussions about this, in the year 1824 the first Honduran National Assembly ever was held in Cedros. The first Honduran Congress held their first meeting in Cedros where they decided that the capital city of Honduras was going to be alternated between Comayagua and Tegucigalpa, until they could decide with more time which city would become the capital city of Honduras. Can you believe that?. Yes, it is true.

So for some time Tegucigalpa and Comayagua were both the capital of Honduras, sometimes Tegucigalpa was the capital and sometimes Comayagua was the capital, both cities were taking turns for 25 years until the year of 1849 when the National Assembly held a final meeting again in Cedros and they decided to give Tegucigalpa the honor to become the official capital of Honduras.

The house where the National Assembly held such historical meetings in Cedros is now a touristic place in the town, it has been preserved in very good conditions for many years, it´s really a very interesting place to visit since it became a very important piece of Honduras policital history.

Cedros is now a very beautiful colonial town. If you ever happen to be in Tegucigalpa and you have one day available for going to nearby places, you may consider Cedros as a destination to visit. You will enjoy your visit to Cedros if you like spanish colonial towns and places where you can have a very relaxed time.

Boy on horse in Cedros, by markmo


  1. I have enjoyed reading your post. You have put together a very well done website. I look forward to many future post highlighting other locations. I have been to Honduras many many times over the past 18 years. I have been to many off the beaten path treasures. The tourism potential of innumerable gems in the rough has not even begun to be tapped. Why do I keep returning so many times? The incredible natural beauty? The culture of family, faith, passion and live and let live attitude? The rich history and architecture? Yes, those are great reasons but the most important reason is the people that I encounter. Hondurans are warm, friendly and genuine. An amazing people and the best reason to visit Honduras. When I saw the picture of the boy riding his horse in Cedros I thought it looked very familiar when I realized it was because I was the one who took that picture. I am pleased that you chose one of my photos to feature on your site. I have many others that you are welcome to use. Thanks for a great website.

  2. well done! Honduras is one of the most beautiful places that i have personally ever been to... From the culture to the natual beauty, I can assure you if you like places that aren't the usual tourist destinations, you will leave not wanting to leave!!