The city of Yuscaran in Honduras

Yuscaran is a city near Tegucigalpa, about 70 km to the east, it is the departmental capital of El Paraiso Department. You can easily go to Yuscaran from Tegucigalpa taking the road that goes to the Nicaraguan border to the east region of Honduras. It is a paved road all the way to Yuscaran, so you can easily make a trip from Tegucigalpa in less than 2 hours.

All the east region in Honduras is very beautiful, and Yuscaran is part of that beauty. Yuscaran is a colonial city located at the foot of a very famous mountain in Honduras, that is the Montserrat mountain, which is a natural and biological reserve. The landscapes in the Yuscaran area are very beautiful, you can see a lot of pine trees all over the mountains near Yuscaran.

Yuscaran is also known as a colonial city, the architecture of the houses and buildings is very rich in terms of colonial type of destinations. One of the things you can admire in Yuscaran is that many houses and buildings are two storeys constructions. Most colonial towns in Honduras have one storey houses and buildings, but in Yuscaran the two storeys constructions are something very common.

Yuscaran was founded in the year 1730 by the Spanish. The name Yuscaran is supposed to mean "Lugar de Casa de Flores", in english it would be something like "The place of the House of Flowers". This name has a very uncertain origin, the most accepted version is that it comes from a mexican root dialect or language in this region. Anyway, the name has something to do with flowers, and there is a reason for that because you can find some of the most beautiful flowers in Yuscaran and all over this region. You can see a lot of flowers in some of the streets in downtown Yuscaran.

Going back to the history of Yuscaran, a few years later after its foundation, in the year of 1746 the Spanish found out that this region was very rich in gold, silver and other metals, so they immediately deployed all their efforts in order to get as much gold and silver as they could. Several mining companies established their bases in Yuscaran, and they ruled and owned everything for many years, going from the XVIII century all the way to the XX century.

Back then in the XIX century, Yuscaran became one of the most important cities in Honduras. Did you know that Yuscaran was one of the first places in Honduras to have electricity?. Yes, it was. Yuscaran had electricity in the year 1898 even before Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. Families and business men living in Yuscaran back then definitely had their influences.

However, several years later the old good mining times in Yuscaran were over, nothing lasts forever, right?. Every time the mining industry became harder and harder because in order to get more metals the mining companies had to make more investments, the metals were not that easy to get, they had to work their mines deep inside the mountains, and at some point of time the investments were not getting the return they were used to get when the mining industry began in the middle of the XVIII century. Finally, the mining industry stopped and left Yuscaran, so the wealth of the city was like left behind, families and business men left the city looking somewhere else where they could get more gold and metals.

But the city has survived all the way to the present times, it is one of the most important cities in the East region of Honduras. One of the most known industries in Yuscaran is a factory were they make a famous liquor which is the Aguardiente Yuscaran, the factory was installed in the year 1939, that was right before the Second World War began, and is still a very strong factory, it has more than 70 years. Ask anyone in Honduras about Yuscaran, and most people for some reason immediately associate the name Yuscaran with this famous liquor.

There are several other industries in the region, the tobbaco industry in the Department of El Paraiso is very strong, as well as the coffee industry. Some of the best coffee in Honduras is located in El Paraiso and Yuscaran region.

Anyway, Yuscaran is a very beautiful destination you must visit someday. The city was declared a National Monument in the year 1979 specially because of its history and the colonial places you can find there. More than 200 colonial houses have been accounted in the downtown area of Yuscaran.

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