Choluteca is the Sultaness of the South

Choluteca is a city located in the South of Honduras in the Department of the same name, the Department of Choluteca, it is the most important city in the south region of Honduras. It is strategically located in the Panamerican road that goes from El Salvador to Nicaragua. Choluteca is the only city in Honduras where the Panamerican road passes by. That road doesn´t pass through Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula or any other city in Honduras, not many people outside Honduras know this.

Choluteca is one of the cities with more history in Honduras. The city was founded in the year 1535 with the original name of “Villa de Jerez de la Frontera de Choluteca”, it was founded by the Spanish conqueror Cristóbal de la Cueva. In those years the Spanish had a tradition to establish new towns and cities in the 4 cardinal points of every new region or province, so they founded the city of Choluteca as the main city in the south of Honduras.

Another interesting piece of information about Choluteca is that it became officialy a city in the year 1845, it was like someone at the National Congress decided to name it as a city and not a town anymore. So even that the city is really about 480 years old since it was founded, it is only 166 years old since it became a city. This is kind of confusing, isn´t it?. Anyway, for the official record and as far as I concern, the city is almost 480 years old, period.

Choluteca is known in Honduras as the "Sultaness of the South", or "La Sultana del Sur" in Spanish. Choluteca is in the category of a colonial town, the downtown area is one of the best preserved colonial areas in Honduras. When you walk in downtown Choluteca you feel transported in time to the 17th century, the colonial architecture of the buildings in this area is amazing, very beautiful.

There are several buildings and structures with touristic interest for the visitors, such as the Central Park, the Cathedral, the "House of Valle" in honor to Jose Cecilio del Valle who is a national Honduran hero in the independence times from Spain in 1821, he was the one who wrote the Declaration of Independence, he is also know as "Sabio Valle", or "Wise Valle", he was definitely a very intelligent and wise man, that´s for sure. The House of Valle is the house where he was born and he used to live in Choluteca, and it is a place you must visit if you ever go to Choluteca.

The weather in Choluteca is usually very hot most time of the year, in the range of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Almost all the south region in Honduras is very hot. So if you ever go to Choluteca be prepared for a weather like this.

If you go to Choluteca from Tegucigalpa you will need to drive about 2 hours in a paved road, and you will be going down through the mountains from 1000 meters above sea level in Tegucigalpa to a plain area in Choluteca which is almost at sea level.

One of the symbols in Choluteca is the bridge of Choluteca, it is one of the most famous bridges in Honduras, when you are about to enter into the city limits you need to go over this bridge. It was built in the year 1937, so this is a bridge over 70 years old, it´s an engineering masterpiece.

Choluteca is a city that has a very rich history, since the time it was founded and even before when native indigenous people used to live in this area, the "Chorotegas". Up until our times, the city has grown and it´s the most important and the biggest city in the south of Honduras. If you visit the south region in Honduras, Choluteca is a place to go, it´s a must.

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