Trujillo in Honduras is a paradise

Trujillo is a city located in the Caribbean north coast of Honduras, in a location that is considered to be like a frontier between the civilization and the rain forest region of La Mosquitia in East Honduras. The Bay of Trujillo is the turning point where the modern civilization in Honduras comes to an end, and the jungles of La Mosquitia begin.

La Mosquitia is further to the east of Trujillo, and there is not much of cities or towns east of Trujillo, just a wild and undiscovered green world. Before reaching La Mosquitia region at the east of Trujillo we have the Platano River Biosphere Reserve, we will talk about this region in other posts.

Now, going back to Trujillo, the city is located in the Bay of Trujillo as we said before, it is a very beautiful place, the Bay with the Caribbean Sea at North, and mountains to the South of the city make a landscape combination that is just great. Behind the city, or let's say to the south of the city, we have the mountains of Capiro and Calentura, the city is right at the base of these two mountains.

Should you climb some day to the top of Capiro and Calentura mountains you will have some of the most breathtaking views of the whole Trujillo Bay like the one you can admire in the following photo:

Not many people actually go the top of these mountains, so chances are you will only have this view in a photo like the one above. However, if you are in the beach of Trujillo, you can easily spot the mountains in the background. In the following photo there is a view of Capiro and Calentura mountains from the beach:

How did you like these photos? I´m sure you agree with me they are beautiful, and that´s just the way Trujillo is, simply beautiful.

Now a little bit of history. Trujillo is one of the oldest cities in America. Christopher Columbus landed on Trujillo on his fourth and last voyage to the Americas in the year 1502. This was the first place in the mainland of the new world of the Americas where the Spanish put their feet for the first time, before this event the Spanish had only been in some islands in the Caribbean, but in the mainland of America Trujillo was the first place ever, that´s interesting, isn´t it?

When Christopher Columbus landed on Trujillo, the first ever catholic mass on the American continent mainland was celebrated. A few years ago in 2002 we celebrated 500 years after the first mass in America back in 1502. A lot of time has gone since Columbus landed on Trujillo.

In order to get to Trujillo you can travel from La Ceiba and drive about 2 hours in a paved road going east of La Ceiba. Many people in Honduras don´t go very often to Trujillo because they feel it´s a little bit far away. For people from Tegucigalpa is not easy to go, you have to drive about 7 hours from Tegucigalpa to La Ceiba, and other 2 hours to Trujillo, so if you want to go driving from Tegucigalpa to Trujillo is about 10 hours non stop.

If you go to Trujillo from San Pedro Sula it would be a 5 hours trip, driving from San Pedro Sula to El Progreso, Tela, La Ceiba and finally to Trujillo.

The thing is that if you want to go to Trujillo you have to plan very well your schedule and your time. It´s a place worth to go if you ever come to Honduras, but you have to take your time, it´s not like you suddenly decide to go to Trujillo. Some people just go with no previous plan, but it´s better to have enough time so you can enjoy Trujillo the most. If your plan trips to Honduras include La Ceiba, you are very near to Trujillo, so you should go to Trujillo if you ever visit La Ceiba. It´s only 2 hours away to the East.

There are several things to see and to do in Trujillo. Most visitors go to Trujillo to enjoy the beach and the Caribbean Sea, so it is mostly a beach destination and that is the main attraction of course. However, there is also a very old spanish fortress, the name is Fortaleza de Santa Barbara. The fortress is located right at the very town of Trujillo, in a place where you can admire the beauty of the Trujillo Bay.

There are also several things to do in the mountains of Capiro and Calentura, they are a rain forest adventure worth to enjoy for people who love that type of activities.

There are much more things to say about Trujillo. For the moment we'll stop here and will get back to Trujillo in future posts.

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