The town of Copan Ruinas in Honduras

If you ever come to Honduras and want to visit the worldwide famous mayan archaeological site in Copan Ruins, it's a good idea to also take advantage of this travel opportunity and make also a visit to the little colonial town which is located very near to the mayan ruins, the name of the town is Copan Ruinas. Many tourists all over the world travel to Honduras just to make a visit to the Mayan Ruins, which are one of the most interesting tourists attractions and travel destinations in Honduras.

However, not many people are aware that there is a colonial town very near to the mayan ruins. Well, let me tell you that this town of Copan Ruinas is one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Honduras, at least that's my personal opinion. The town is worth to visit not only because of the visit to the archaelogical site, but is worth to visit because of its own attractiveness.

Many tourists make travel plans which include a visit to the archaeological site coming from San Pedro Sula in a one day trip. They come from San Pedro Sula in the morning, it´s a drive of about 2.5 hours in a paved road, they make a visit during several hours to the archaeological site, and go back to San Pedro Sula in the afternoon. The visit to the archaeological site is the main reason for their visit to this region, there is no argument about this. However, if you go all the way to the mayan ruins but miss a visit to the town of Copan Ruinas you are missing a visit to a great little town.

If you take a look at the following aerial view in the photo you can notice how near the town of Copan Ruinas is to the Archaeological Site. It´s less than 3 miles and if you have enough time you can even walk from the Archaeological site to the town, it´s within a walking distance really.

The colonial spirit of the town will inspire you, the beautiful views you will find there will certainly make you feel very well. The town is really peaceful and beautiful. You can walk all over the town, have some food, have a cup of honduran coffee. You will notice that there are many visitors from all over the world walking in the streets of the town. The town is a tourist attraction by itself.

Many people make their travel plans to the archaeological site with at least a one night stay at the town of Copan Ruinas. It´s a good idea to come from San Pedro Sula, book a hotel in the town of Copan Ruinas, and enjoy your visit not only to the archaeological site during the day, but also enjoy your visit to the town in the afternoon and during the evening.

You can have a peaceful stay in the town, walk in the streets with no worries really. If you ever visit this town, I´m sure you will love it, there´s no doubt about that. You will like very much the cobblestone streets and the colonial buildings you will find there. There are many streets wich go uphill and downhill, and you can see in the background some beautiful mountains which are part of the natural landscape of this region.

Honduras has several colonial towns, in most of them you can find a very relaxing atmosphere, you just forget about time and space, you can easily forget that we are in the 21st Century. Just relax and have fun, breathe fresh air and forget about cell phones, computers, internet and all things related to the modern life of the big cities. All these things you can find in most colonial towns in Honduras, and the town of Copan Ruinas is definitely one of those type of towns. I´m sure you´ll love it as I said before.

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