Santa Lucia Honduras, another beautiful colonial town

We have said several times on different posts on this site that Honduras has a lot of colonial towns, most of them are really beautiful, peaceful and quiet, that´s a common characteristic among several colonial towns in Honduras. Some of these colonial towns are located in remote areas of Honduras, if you want to get there you must travel for several hours in most of them, so you need to make good traveling plans and you need to have at least a couple of days available in you agenda.

However, this is not the situation with Santa Lucia, which is another colonial town in Honduras. But you know what? You don´t really need very much planning for a trip to Santa Lucia, because Santa Lucia is located in the mountains near Tegucigalpa, very near indeed, you have to drive less than 10 miles to get there. In Tegucigalpa you need to drive much larger distances into the city to go from one area to another inside the same city.

Even with that really short distance from Tegucigalpa to Santa Lucia, the town maintains it´s colonial spirit. It´s a very quiet and peaceful little town. In order to get there, you have to take the same paved road that goes from Tegucigalpa to Valle de Angeles, and about half the distance to Valle de Angeles there is a road to the right with a sign saying "Bienvenidos a Santa Lucia", which in English is "Welcome to Santa Lucia".

All the way from Tegucigalpa to Santa Lucia is a drive through the mountains, the landscape is beautiful, you can see thousands and thousands of pine trees in the mountains all around the road. The weather in Santa Lucia is just great, very cool no matter what season of the year you go there, it´s always cool in the range of 70 degrees Farenheit, what about that?. Great, right!

It´s really easy and quick going from Tegucigalpa to Santa Lucia, once you are in the road going out from Tegucigalpa is only 10 to 15 minutes until you get there, that´s nothing really. It´s a walking distance for some people who like jogging.

Many people from Tegucigalpa live in Santa Lucia, they enjoy a country life among the mountains and fresh air, and it´s very convenient since they are only 15 minutes away from anything you may need from the big city. Most of these people work in Tegucigalpa, they live in Santa Lucia but go every day to Tegucigalpa in the morning and return in the afternoon. Some people I know even have the time to go back to Santa Lucia at noon for lunch, in the afternoon they go again to their offices, and go back to their homes in Santa Lucia in the evening.

Santa Lucia is kind of a Tegucigalpa's neighborhood, with the advantage that it´s not in the middle of the city but in the middle of the mountains 10-15 minutes away.

Santa Lucia is a town to relax, enjoy a walking time in the cobbled stone roads, if you go Santa Lucia you have to walk all around the town. You need to go near the church and right there you will be in a place where you can spot a view of the mountains in the horizon and some areas of Tegucigalpa in the background.

Santa Lucia is about 5000 feet above sea level, it´s a town which is pretty much hidden inside the mountains. So near to Tegucigalpa, but so different and relaxed at the same time. It´s some kind of an oasis for people looking to relax from the busy and stressful life of the big city.

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