Pristine Bay Resort in Roatan

I'm not sure if you´re aware that Roatan is not only a destination for visitors looking to enjoy diving activities, beaches, coral reef and ecotourism. There is a new resort and infrastructure development in the north shore of the island called Pristine Bay Resort, and the main attraction on this resort is a Golf Course, so Roatan is now a golf destination as well.

The resort has been in construction for the last couple of years, and the golf course is already open to visitors from all over the world. The name of this golf course is "The Black Pearl", it sounds familiar, doesn´t it?. It´s a name pretty easy to remember, you just have to relate this name with the famous movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", do you remember what was the name of Jack Sparrow's ship?. Well, the name of that ship was "The Black Pearl". The movie has nothing to do with Roatan and this resort, it is only a coincidence.

This type of golf destinations is something pretty new in Honduras, there are not many golf courses in Honduras, not until now with the golf course at Pristine Bay Resort in Roatan.

There will be another golf course opening soon at Los Micos Beach Resort in Tela, and hopefully golf fans and players from all over the world will have a new alternative in Honduras as a golf destination.

Pristine Bay is located in the north shore of the island of Roatan, it´s not very far away from Coxen Hole and Roatan International Airport as you can see in the following map. The town of French Harbor is very near to this area.

The Pristine Bay area is really beautiful, and it had to be beautiful as most places are in Roatan. The natural landscape at this area will definitely take your breath away.

Expectations for this resort in the next few years is to become one of the main golf destinations in the Caribbean.

With this type of developments and resorts, Roatan is becoming one of the most desired destinations in the Caribbean for tourists from all over the world. A few years ago not many people knew about Roatan, but now it´s a complete different story. The challenge now for us the Honduran people is to spread the word that Roatan is part of Honduras, Roatan belongs to Honduras.

Did you know that hundreds and even thousands of tourists go to Roatan without realizing that Roatan is part of Honduras? Many tourists just know that Roatan is an island in the Caribbean, but many of them are not aware that the island belongs to Honduras, incredible isn´t it?

Well, good for the Pristine Bay Resort, one more travel destination in Roatan. Now you know that you can play golf in one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Caribbean if you ever visit Roatan.

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