Los Micos Beach Resort in Tela

During several years we the people in Honduras have been hearing about a touristic project in the Bay of Tela. This story comes from 40 or so years ago, so it´s been a long time. We all know in Honduras that some sort of a touristic development project is coming to the Bay of Tela, but so far it´s been only the idea but no real facts.

However, right now it seems that this project is finally becoming a reality, and it´s soon to be finished in the first stage. Not many people in Honduras really believed this project was ever going to become true.

What is this project about?. Well, the project is an infrastructure and touristic development in the west part of Tela Bay, right beside the Lagoon of Los Micos, which is a very beautiful spot and natural reserve. "Los Micos" means "The Monkeys", they are a special kind of long tailed monkeys that live in that area, the lagoon is very beautiful.

In the following map you can clearly see the location of this project, it's near the villages of San Juan and Tornabe, and near Punta Sal and Jeanette Kawas Natural Park at the west end of Tela Bay. The name of the project is "Los Micos Beach & Golf Resort", and as we said before, it´s soon to become a reality. In fact, it has been under construction during the last couple of years.

There is a lot of money invested on this project. So far in the first stage the investment has been about 110 million dollars for basic infrastructure works, which also includes a Golf course and a five stars Hotel with 120 rooms. This first stage is supposed to be finished and ready to be opened to the public and visitors in December 2012. So time is running fast and we only are just 15 or 16 months before opening day.

There is a second stage coming soon, with additional 150 million dollars of investment, which includes another hotel with 300 rooms, and also the construction of a housing complex and apartment buildings, and commercial areas as well.

One of the main attractions of this resort will be the Golf Course, which has been designed by an international firm under the lead of a famous golf player named Gary Player from South Africa. The golf course will have a 2 miles long direct view of the Caribbean Sea. Once it is finished and opened to the pubic, this golf course is supposed to become one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, at least that is what the developers say, and they may be right in their expectations because this part of the Tela Bay is really beautiful. If they achieve a good combination of the golf course design with the beauty of the natural landscapes in this area, anything is possible.

In a recent presentation of the project somewhere in USA, Gary Player said: "This is a fantastic project, and we're all very excited about it. This will be our first golf course in Central America and the natural landscape is very beautiful. There will be long tailed monkeys actually living in the golf course, mangrove swamps and native trees, all this will give a wonderful appearance to the general design. And also the beach that will directly come into play in many of the 18 holes".

I´m not very much of a golf fan myself, but with this description from Gary Player I'm sure that golf fans from all over the world will be looking very close to this new destination at Los Micos Beach Resort. So far Honduras doesn´t have that background of a golf destination, but hopefully this will be a new type of tourism coming to Honduras in the next few years.

With this new resort right in the very heart of a natural park and reserve, you can imagine how hard has been the environmental impact and mitigation measures that had to be taken into account. It´s really hard to develop such a magnificent and big resort in a protected area, there is the need to have a balance between nature and infrastructure development.

This is a region that Honduras definitely has to take advantage of in order to increase the industry of tourism, resort developments like this one is something that Honduras needs for creating new jobs and bring development to this part of the country. However this type of developments definitely have to comply with all necessary requirements in order to avoid real damages to the natural environment. This impact to the natural environment has been one of the main reasons for a project like this had to wait 40 year to finally become a reality. Hopefully we will have a great resort with no major environmental impact to this region.

In the next few years some additional infrastructure developments will be needed in order to complement the investments in this region. There is a project in the near future for the construction of a highway with 2 lanes in each direction from El Progreso to Tela. With this new highway the time from San Pedro Sula driving to Los Micos Beach Resort will be less than 1 hour.

We'll be talking in future posts about this project in Los Micos Lagoon, we´ll see if it really opens to the public and visitors next year 2012. In the meantime, there is always the chance to go and visit this area. However, for getting there you need to take a boat from Tela and get to Punta Sal and enjoy mother nature. You also can drive with some precautions because the unpaved roads are not in very good condition, but all this is part of the attractiveness of this region.

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