Independence Day in Honduras

Independence Day in Honduras is a big celebration every year, the celebration is on September 15. This year 2011 Honduras has just celebrated its 190th anniversary as an independent country. The independence from Spain was on September 15, 1821. In 2021, that is in 10 more years, we will be celebrating in Honduras the 200th anniversary.

The same day all Central American countries celebrate their independence as well. All Central American countries achieved their independence from Spain at the same time. Back in 1821 Central America was like a big and unique country, however in the following years they became separate countries. Another interesting fact is that September 15 is also the date Mexico got its independence from Spain, but that happened in the year 1810, that was 11 years before Central America. It seems the date September 15 was a very popular date for becoming an independent country in this region of the world. But the history behind the independence from Spain has much more information and we will talk about it in separate posts.

Going back to the independence celebrations in Honduras, the most popular way to celebrate this date is with parades from most schools and highschools, they march on the streets, and people love to watch the parades. In Tegucigalpa there is a tradition that comes from several years ago, the parades are something to watch live if you happen to be in Tegucigalpa on a September 15th.

In the last few years there is a route to follow by schools on the parade in Tegucigalpa, the route goes from Boulevard Suyapa to the National Stadium. All schools march through this route about 3 or 4 miles long. Several thousands of people go to the streets and stay right at the side of the streets to take a close look of the parade.

The parade ends at the National Stadium, where 30 thousand or more people gather to cheer their favorite school. The president goes to the National Stadium with all his staff and receives some kind of special salute from the participants on the parade.

People in Tegucigalpa just love to watch these parades, they love the school bands playing the drums, trumpets and other musical instruments. The national anthem is played several times during the day, everybody feels very patriotic this day. And definitely one of the things people adore is to watch the cheerleaders, they are beautiful girls marching with their school and dancing all the parade long.

Another thing to watch is the military march, and also the parachute jump from helicopters, the parachute guys go all the way down and touch ground right at the center of the football field in the National Stadium. The 30 thousand fans just go crazy when this happens, it´s an amazing thing to watch.

If you ever come to Tegucigalpa on any September, I suggest you make plans to be in the city during that date of September 15th and go watch the schools parade, you will really enjoy it. Just wear a cap, hat or something to protect yourself from the sun, take a bottle of water along with you and walk on the streets, go to the National Stadium if you can, and enjoy the parade.

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