Honduran 30 Wonders Contest

Here in Honduras over the last few months there has been an initiative from the Honduran Government and some other organizations to nominate and declare which are the 30 Honduran Wonders, and this contest is coming to an end. Honduran citizens were the ones to choose by popular voting all these Wonders. What kind of wonders?. If you say the word "Wonder" it may sound too general, the thing is that we all know that Honduras has hundreds or even thousands of places that are so beautiful, but the intention of this initiative is to define by popularity which of them should be declared as a Wonder in an official way, the Government will issue an official law ranking decree with the final results.

All nominated Wonders were from a different nature, however they may be grouped in a few categories as the following:

- Archaeological
- Architecture
- Biodiversity
- Cultural
- Gastronomic
- Natural landscapes

The objective of this contest is to define according to Honduran citizens criteria, which are the 30 Honduran Wonders and make them official. Interesting, isn´t it?

The contest was launched on May 25, 2011, and it was not intented to be the voting process only. On the first stage people actually had the chance to nominate the potential winners, so it was a participative process. In order to nominate something to be included in the final list, the so called "Wonder" had to comply some basic requirements, the nominated Wonder had to generate admiration, identity, patriotism, tourism, development and a few other characteristics.

So the first stage as we said before included the nomination process from May 25 to July 8. Out of all proposed wonders, a panel of judges identified a list of 70 nominated wonders, at this point the final list was made official.

The following stage was from July 9 to July 24, all 70 nominated were promoted all over the media so people could be aware of the final list, and promotion material and information related to all 70 of them was released to the public during this period, and asking Honduran people to choose their favorite wonder from the list.

The voting period took all the month of August 2011. The final day for voting was on August 31. In order to vote, people had the chance to do it through the official website that was released for this contest, which by the way is www.30maravillashn.com, and also had the chance to vote via text messages through a local mobil phone company.

The voting process finished and final results were just released by the Government, and the big winner was the "Historic Colonial Downtown at Comayagua", the former capital city of Honduras, which officialy will be declared the number 1 Wonder in Honduras.

And just in case Comayagua is not satisfied with number 1, it turns out that number 2 on the list is the Cathedral of Comayagua, which is also part of the Historic Colonial Downtown. It´s kind of complicated to separate the Cathedral from the Historic Colonial Downtown, they are pretty much the same, but we could say that the Cathedral is part of the downtown, and it's a wonder all by itself.

Now, let´s remember that the contest was for choosing the 30 Honduran Wonders, not only the one in the first place on the list. All 30 Honduran Wonders will be pronounced officialy so, and when this happens they will become an Official Honduran Wonder.

The final result was the following:

1. Historic Colonial Downtown at Comayagua
2. Comayagua Cathedral
3. Cedros (a colonial town near Tegucigalpa)
4. Celaque National Park
5. Lake Yojoa
6. Cuyamel National Park
7. Thermal Waters in Gracias, Lempira
8. The basin of Cangrejal River (La Ceiba)
9. Pulhapanzak waterfall
10. King Crab (gastronomical wonder, it´s the biggest crab in Honduras and all the Caribbean, you can find it in Roatan)
11. Los Choros (some kind of mushroom in La Esperanza, Intibuca)
12. San Cristobal Fortress in Gracias, Lempira
13. Alfombras de Comayagua (Carpets made out of sawdust in the streets of downtown Comayagua for religious processions in Holy Week)
14. Taulabe Caves
15. San Manuel de Colohete Church in Santa Barbara
16. La Campa Church (near Gracias Lempira)
17. Honduran Coffee
18. Hand crafted wood trunks
19. San Fernando Fortress in Omoa
20. Horchata (typical drink)
21. Copan Ruins
22. Santa Barbara Mountain National Park
23. Lancetilla Botanical Garden in Tela
24. Guanaja Island (one of the Bay Islands)
25. Coral reef barrier (at the Caribbean Sea)
26. Emerald hummingbird
27. El Picacho Christ (Tegucigalpa)
28. The city of Santa Rosa de Copan
29. Macaw mountain natural reserve (Copan)
30. Guaimoreto Lagoon (Trujillo)

There is so much to say about this list, some of these wonders we have already covered some information on this website, and some others we are yet to include something about them. Some people may agree and some people may not agree with the results. However, all of them are really a wonder, and there are many more wonders in Honduras not included in this list. We're lucky in Honduras to have so many places and so many wonders. Whatever type of destination a visitor is looking for in Honduras you can bet we have it.

In separate posts we will be talking about all these wonders, we have so much material to discuss and information to share, and we'll be glad to do it.

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