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I was taking a quick look at some previous posts on this website, and I've just realized that so far I have not included information about one of the most important cities in Honduras, I'm talking about Santa Rosa de Copan. Any site offering information about our country Honduras, has to include Santa Rosa de Copan, and this website is no exception. So here we go, let´s talk a little bit about Santa Rosa de Copan.

Well, let me tell you that Santa Rosa de Copan is the most important and largest city in the western region of Honduras. It is the departmental capital of the department of Copan. We have to say that the whole region of Copan in general is mainly known because of the archaeological mayan site in Copan Ruins, and many visitors and tourists all over the world visit Honduras just to make a trip to the mayan ruins, but many of them just get to the ruins, visit the archaeological site and go back without making a visit to Santa Rosa de Copan.

If you ever come to Honduras and want to visit the mayan ruins, you should also make a quick trip to Santa Rosa de Copan, it's a very beautiful city. Most people going to the mayan ruins make a road trip from San Pedro Sula, it´s a 2 and a half hours drive. When you go from San Pedro Sula to Copan, at some point in the road you will get to the town of "La Entrada", which means "The Entrance". There is a deviation at La Entrada, if you take the road to the right you will go to Copan Ruins. However, if you don´t take the road to the right and just drive through in the main road, you will get to Santa Rosa de Copan.

From La Entrada to Santa Rosa de Copan is a 30 minutes drive, just about the same distance there is from La Entrada to Copan Ruins. However, they are in opposite directions, I mean Copan Ruins and Santa Rosa de Copan are completely apart. When you are in La Entrada and continue your trip, either you go to Copan Ruins or Santa Rosa de Copan, it´s not the same road.

The road going to Santa Rosa de Copan is also the same road you need to take in order to go to Gracias, in the department of Lempira, which is another colonial and historical city in the western region of Honduras.

Anyway, about Santa Rosa de Copan there are a few things you need to know. It is the largest city in western Honduras as we said before. It´s like a combination of a little city and a colonial town. Every year the city is getting bigger and bigger, however it still remains as a colonial town.

The city was founded in the year of 1705, so it is little bit over 300 years old. The downtown area in Santa Rosa de Copan has been declared a national monument because of the architecture found in many buildings and churches, it falls into the category of Neoclassical architecture. For people who love this type of architecture, Santa Rosa de Copan is definitely a place to visit.

The city is located in a very beautiful spot into the mountains, most of the streets in downtown area are cobblestone streets, with uphills and downhills. The weather in Santa Rosa is cool most time of the year, not very hot and not very cold. How would you like to live in a city where the temperature is about 70 degrees Farenheit most time of the year?. That´s the average temperature in Santa Rosa, it's just great, isn´t it?

Santa Rosa de Copan is located in a very strategic place for people who want to visit not only the mayan ruins, but also the colonial and historical city of Gracias Lempira, and Celaque National Park. There are many places to see in this beautiful region of Honduras, many people visit this region during several days in order to make visits to all those places, and Santa Rosa de Copan is the perfect place to stay for people willing to get to know all those interesting places for quite a few days.

Another thing you should know about Santa Rosa de Copan is that Cigar and Tobacco industries are established there since the 19th century, the cigars at Santa Rosa de Copan are supposed to be the best cigars in Honduras. In fact, they are considered to be some of the finest cigars in the world according to the local people, they are really proud of their cigars. Tobacco is an important part of the local history in Santa Rosa de Copan.

There is much more to say about Santa Rosa de Copan, we'll get back to this city in future posts, we have much more information to share.

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