Amapala in Honduras, a destination in the Pacific Ocean

Most people and visitors coming to Honduras who are looking for places to visit and spend some days in vacations go to the Caribbean shore of Honduras. That makes a lot of sense, most beaches and tourists destinations are located there, in the north of Honduras. Beautiful beaches and several options. That´s something we have discussed in several other posts on this site.

However, Honduras also has a Pacific Coast in the south, where tourists and visitors can also find beautiful places to go and spend a good time on vacations. The number of places in the pacific coast of Honduras is much more limited than the number of places in the Caribbean. That's a fact and we can not argue about it. That´s the way it is and we can not change it.

Anyway, one of the places to visit in the Pacific Coast of Honduras is Amapala, which is a port located in Isla del Tigre, in englisht it would be Tiger Island. Please don´t think the Island belongs to Tiger Woods the famous golf player, not at all. That´s the name of the Island and has been from several centuries ago.

Isla del Tigre is located in the Gulf of Fonseca, in the south part of Honduras. In order to get there it´s pretty easy if you start your trip in Tegucigalpa. You have to take the road from Tegucigalpa to the South region, and drive perhaps two and a half hours until you get to the Pacific coast in mainland Honduras at Coyolito. Getting to Coyolito is the first stage of your trip.

The second stage of your trip to Amapala begins at Coyolito. Remember that Amapala is located in Isla del Tigre, there is no road for getting there, the Pacific Ocean is in the way. So how do you go from Coyolito to Amapala?. Well, the only way is by boat. You have to take a boat in Coyolito and travel about 20 miles. Most boats are small boats with space for 10 or 15 passengers. They are much more like canoes, not exactly boats.

There is also a ferry boat if you want to take your car to Amapala. However this ferry boat is not always available, and it doesn´t make a lot of sense taking your car to the island. It´s much better to leave your car at Coyolito, take the boat, enjoy the ride. Once you get to the island and to Amapala, just walk around the town. If you need transportation to a place where you can´t walk, there are taxis and moto-taxis available in Amapala just in case. You can also take a boat and go somewhere else around the island or nearby smaller islands.

Amapala port was founded in 1833 and it used to be the main port in the pacific coast of Honduras since the 19th century, and most part of the 20th century. It used to be a busy port, and economy in all this region was dependant from the port operations. However the main port in the pacific was relocated near San Lorenzo in the mainland, and Amapala port was left behind.

One of the most known natural landscapes at Amapala is the high mountain you can see all over Tiger Island, which is an inactive volcano, it´s about 2600 feet high. It´s really beautiful, almost any picture of this volcano and the Pacific Ocean around the island would make a great photo for a postcard or a calendar.

Amapala is not really a port any more, it´s pretty much a tourist destination but depending mostly on the natural beauty it has. Honduras Government needs to give much more support to this place, it´s a very beautiful place. Not many people in Honduras and not many people from other countries visit Amapala or know at least a little bit of Amapala. It´s a jewel in the Pacific yet to be discovered. Even for people in Tegucigalpa is not very common going to Amapala, I wonder why is that?. It´s a perfect place to visit, you can even go in a same day trip from Tegucigalpa.

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