About Comayagua in Honduras

Let´s talk about Comayagua, which is a city in Honduras located 50 miles north of Tegucigalpa. It is the capital city of Comayagua Department. Comayagua used to be the former capital of Honduras before Tegucigalpa. Back in the year 1880 Tegucigalpa was officialy named the Capital of Honduras, and the Government moved away from Comayagua and went to Tegucigalpa.

Comayagua is a very beautiful colonial city, it was founded by the Spanish in 1537 and it became the capital of the Honduras Province depending from the Captaincy General of Guatemala when Central America was a region depending from Spain. When Honduras became an independent country from Spain in 1821 as all Central America countries, Comayagua was the capital of Honduras until 1880 when the capital was moved to Tegucigalpa as we mentioned before.

In a few years the city of Comayagua will be 500 years old. Not many cities in Latin America can brag about that. It's a very old city, and it has become one of the main tourist attractions in Honduras due to the historical sites that can be admired. Beautiful colonial architecture is part of several buildings in Comayagua's downtown area.

The main attraction of the city is the Comayagua Cathedral and City Hall, located right in the Center Plaza of the city, in the very downtown area. The Cathedral is one of the most beautiful colonial churches not only in Honduras but in Central America as well, it was inaugurated in 1711. The Cathedral has the oldest working clock in the whole America continent. The clock was manufactured in Spain in the year 1100, and was originally installed in Sevilla, Spain, where it worked for several centuries until King Felipe the Third donated the clock to Comayagua in 1636, where it was originally installed in La Merced church. When the cathedral was built the clock was moved there, and it´s still there, working as new. The clock has been working for about 900 years!. It´s incredible, isn´t it?

If you are a person that likes and enjoys colonial towns, Comayagua is a place you definitely have to include in your trip agenda if you ever come to Honduras. As we said before, it's only 50 miles north of Tegucigalpa. In order to get there you take the same road that goes from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, which is the main highway in the country. The last few years there have been important infrastructure works in that highway which is a wider road than it used to be.

With the old road which was quite narrow and a single two way road, you had to drive for almost 2 hours from Tegucigalpa in order to get there because there are several mountains in the way from Tegucigalpa to Comayagua, and many slopes with uphills and downhills. After construction works in the highway are finished, we will have a full highway road with 2 and 3 lanes in each way, so the travel time from Tegucigalpa will be much quicker, let´s say about 1 hour.

Comayagua is located in the valley of Comayagua, and there is a project to install a new international airport for Tegucigalpa in this valley. There is already an existing airport in Comayagua, but it is a military airport depending from USA, it's really a US military base. The runway and facilites are the best you can expect from any of the best airports in the world, it´s only a matter of building the passengers and commercial terminal. This project has been in the drawing board of the Government from many years ago, almost everybody in Honduras agrees that Tegucigalpa needs a new international airport, and the best choice is Comayagua.

Anyway, there is no valid excuse to miss a trip to Comayagua if you ever come to Honduras, you can easily go driving to the north from Tegucigalpa as we said, or you can even go from San Pedro Sula driving less than 3 hours to the south as well.

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