The town of Ojojona in Honduras

There are several colonial towns near Tegucigalpa in Honduras, where you can easily go and visit in a same day trip. We the people who live in Tegucigalpa are lucky to have several options with colonial towns nearby. One of those colonial towns is Ojojona, which is located about 20 miles south of Tegucigalpa. There is a paved road in pretty good condition all the way from Tegucigalpa to Ojojona, so you can easily make it to Ojojona in 20 - 25 minutes once you get out of the city limits of Tegucigalpa. You will take more time to get from wherever you are inside Tegucigalpa to the city limits in the south compared with the travel time to Ojojona once you're on the road.

Ojojona is a beautiful colonial town, it was founded by the Spanish back in 1579, who wanted to work the gold and silver mines that used to exist back then in that region. So this town is more than 400 years old. At the present time it is still a town, the population is only about 10,000 people. The name Ojojona is pretty strange, isn´t it? Not many people in Honduras know that the name Ojojona comes from a combination of the Mexican voice "Joxone" mixed with the Lenca language voice of "Oxorxona". Translated to spanish this name means "Agua Verdosa" or "Greenish Water" in english. At some point in time the name became Ojojona, and it has remained like that over the last several centuries.

The architecture of Ojojona is beautiful, colonial type houses, and the churches of course. There are 3 main churches: El Calvario, San Juan Bautista and El Carmen. Most houses were built with adobe walls, whitewashed with lime, and spanish tiles. The streets are cobble paved. All this combination is great, if you like the colonial type of towns you know what I mean.

Ojojona is a very quiet town, many people say that nothing ever happens in Ojojona. The time has stopped in Ojojona, once you´re there you don´t know if you are in the 21st century or the 18th century. It´s a place to go and just relax and take it easy. If you suffer from stress, you should go to places like Ojojona every once in a while.

Many people in Ojojona work local handicrafts and pottery. If you go to Ojojona you need to buy at least a couple of clay vases and take them as a souvenir, these vases make a great ornament in any house.

Now, there is something big going on in Ojojona and nearby communities these days that I can´t help to talk about in this post. It seems like things are about the change. If nothing ever happens in Ojojona as people say, now it's time to think about it. What is happening in Ojojona and this region?. Well, a giant wind farm is being installed with an investment of about 250 million dollars. The first wind energy farm in Honduras is about to be finished and ready to generate 100 MW of clean energy.

What a contrast don´t you think?. Nothing ever happened for centuries in Ojojona and all of a sudden a huge wind farm with new technology is coming to town. About 50 giant structures with propellers have been installed, and they are now part of the landscape. You can spot those propellers and structures from the road. All this region is famous because of strong and heavy winds all year long, so it's the perfect place for a wind farm, there's no doubt about it.

The wind farm is a few miles out of Ojojona, it is closer to the neighbour town of Santa Anta, but it will definitely impact Ojojona and all that region. Let's hope that the very town of Ojojona will be able to keep it's colonial spirit, and the peace and calm that has been the main characteristic of Ojojona for years can be maintained regardless of the new wind farm.

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  1. Dears,

    I am from this town, beutifull comunnities, but, I am concern about the new development of clean energy, wich is destroying the indigenous hill terraces. Sould be protected by the department of culture and history,