Tela in Honduras, a beautiful beach to visit

This time we’re going to talk a little bit about another travel destination in the Caribbean side of Honduras. We’re lucky in Honduras to have so many choices when we’re looking for beaches to go and enjoy a good beach with great ocean views and landscapes. This travel destination is Tela, a beautiful beach which is only 1 hour driving from San Pedro Sula, and even sometimes depending on the traffic on the road you can make it to Tela in 45 or 50 minutes. But it´s better go slow and not very fast on the road, I prefer to take the whole hour.

If you start your trip to Tela in San Pedro Sula you have to go to the North-East. The first part of this trip is the way to El Progreso which is a nearby city 16 miles from San Pedro Sula, there is a highway road up until El Progreso. When you get to El Progreso you continue to the North-East on your way to Tela for another 40 miles and you will get there in no time.

Once you get to Tela you have several choices if you´re looking for a good spot to enjoy the beach. Even though you can find beautiful beaches very near to town, the best beaches are definitely outside of town, driving a few minutes out either East or West. There are several garifuna communities in Tela, and some of the most known are located East of Tela: La Ensenada and Triunfo de la Cruz. If you head West of Tela you will get to San Juan, Tornabe and Miami, those are also garifuna communities. All of them are really beautiful places and beaches, in order to get there you only have to drive a few minutes. Most garifuna people are very nice, and you have to try the garifuna food, it´s really good.

Tela is a very popular beach in Honduras, as there are several other beaches in the Caribbean part of Honduras. However Tela has some kind of magic when it comes to enjoy a good swimming time into the sea. I guess it must be the ocean waves hitting you at the time you are enjoying your swimming. Some other beaches in the Caribbean Sea of Honduras are perhaps too quiet, some of them don´t have waves at all, it´s like if you were inside a giant pool into the ocean with no waves.

However, ocean waves in Tela are not that strong either, it’s not like you would be surfing with giant waves or something like that. Waves are only strong and big enough to give you a little fun. If you are a surfing type of person looking for strong and big waves, you should go to the beaches in the Pacific Ocean of Honduras, but that’s on the other end of the country in the South area where surfers like to go and enjoy that extreme sport.

For people in San Pedro Sula is very easy to go to Tela. When I used to live in San Pedro Sula several years ago, I used to go to Tela very often in a same day trip. I used to go to Tela with my family and kids early in the morning, enjoy a whole day in Tela and come back to San Pedro Sula in the afternoon. That’s a very relaxing trip, you can enjoy a whole day and make a trip where you won´t feel very tired, remember that it’s only 1 hour drive to San Pedro Sula. Sometimes with the traffic at peak hours in the city you spend more than 1 hour going somewhere else into the city.

Now I live in Tegucigalpa and it´s not that easy for me to go to Tela as much often as I would like. From Tegucigalpa driving to Tela is a 5 hours trip, so this is a trip I can only make when I have a few days available for vacations and stay at least 3 days or more in Tela so the effort of the trip can be compensated with enough time to enjoy and have some resting time as well.

Well, hopefully by now after reading this post at least you have some basic information about Tela.

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