Some places to visit in Honduras

There are hundreds of places to visit if you ever go to Honduras. From beaches, to mountains, rivers, national parks, archaeological sites, rafting, extreme sports sites, colonial towns, diving adventures, modern cities. You name it, whatever you are looking for in a vacation you can be sure you will find it in Honduras.

In this site we will cover topics about some of the places you could visit if you ever come to Honduras. It's impossible to cover all of them in one post, so we will be covering them as long as we add new posts on this site.

On this opportunity I will only mention a quick advance of some of those places with a brief description so you can have a general idea of what type of places we´re talking about, so you can have a taste and flavor of them. Hopefully you will come back to our site or browse around to find out more information about them.


Roatan is one of the Bay Islands, and it's probably the most famous tourist destination in Honduras. However, many people all over the world know about Roatan, they may know that it´s an island in the Caribbean, and a complete paradise. For divers, it is one of the best places in the world to practice and enjoy. But do people know that Roatan is part of Honduras?. It´s been a surprise for me to know that many travelers visiting Roatan are not aware that they are coming to Honduras when they come to Roatan. We have to spread the word that Roatan is part of Honduras.

The Bay Islands are an archipelago of islands in the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and Roatan is the largest island of this archipelago. Other islands are Utila and Guanaja, they´re also part of the Bay Islands.


Copan is an archaeological site, we have mayan ruins here. It is located in the west part of Honduras, about 3 hours driving from San Pedro Sula. Copan is probably the most beautiful ancient maya city in the world, it used to be the center of mayan art. There are several other mayan ruins in Honduras and Central America, some of them are bigger and perhaps more impressive based on their infrastructure, but Copan is unique because of the art that has in every single maya sculpture and structure.


A very beautiful beach in the Caribbean shore of Honduras, about 1 hour driving from San Pedro Sula. It's not an island, it´s located in Honduras mainland. Tela is one of the favorite places for people to take a swim into the ocean and challenge the waves.


The Trujillo Bay is one of the most beautiful and undiscovered beaches in the Caribbean part of Honduras. It's about 3 hours driving from La Ceiba, from San Pedro Sula it would be like 6 hours. It's not easy to get there driving by car because it's a little bit far away. However the road is in pretty good condition. But Trujillo is definitely a place you should go someday if you want to enjoy a natural paradise. Important infrastructures are going to be built over the next couple of years in Trujillo, there will be a Cruise dock facility and new comercial buildings that will allow many more visitors to get there.

We will stop here for now, I´m sure you are eager to hear more about these places. We will be posting about several other places to visit in Honduras in separate notes, and additional and more detailed information about the places already mentioned above. As I said before, this was only an advance so you can have a quick taste of some of the beautiful places we have in Honduras.


  1. A very beautiful beach in the Caribbean shore of Honduras, about 1 hour driving from San Pedro Sula. It's not an island, it´s located in Honduras mainlandtourist destinations

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