A quick tour to Valle de Angeles

Valle de Angeles is a beautiful colonial town about 30 minutes North-East from Tegucigalpa. I guess we people who live in Tegucigalpa are really lucky to have a place like Valle de Angeles where we can go every once in a while to relax, breathe natural and pure air, take a walk in all downtown area of the town.

Tegucigalpa is pretty much a large city, very crowded, we have mentioned this in other posts on this website. Many people in Tegucigalpa live in constant stress, traffic at some peak hours is very hard to stand. Those are some of the reasons why Valle de Angeles is such a popular place to visit, people in Tegucigalpa need to have a relax, go out to the mountains nearby to interact with Mother Nature, and Valle de Angeles is one of several places near Tegucigalpa where people can get that relaxing feeling.

If you ever go to Tegucigalpa, you definitely have to make time and space in your agenda to visit Valle de Angeles. There is a paved road all the way from Tegucigalpa to Valle de Angeles which is in pretty good condition. During the 30 minutes trip you will enjoy some impressive and beautiful mountains, most of them with thousands and thousands of pine trees.

The temperature in Valle de Angeles is mostly cool, not hot and not cold either, let's say about 70 - 75 Farenheit in average at noon, which is great, don´t you think?. In the same area of Valle de Angeles we have La Tigra National Park, which is a cloud forest very rich in biodiversity, and it´s the main source of water supply for Tegucigalpa, about 50% of the water for Tegucigalpa originates in La Tigra National Park.

Every weekend thousands and thousands of people from Tegucigalpa visit Valle de Angeles, you can easily spend a whole Sunday in town walking on the streets, looking some of the best crafts in Honduras. Valle de Angeles is famous because of artisans and handicrafts. There are several exposition stands for handicrafts.

Valle de Angeles, which by the way means "Valley of Angels" (if I don´t explain this you would´ve never known the english translation right?), is located in an area that used to be part of several mining towns with gold, silver, copper and other few minerals. The architecture is definitely the colonial spanish style, very beautiful and very typical of several other colonial towns in Honduras.

You can also enjoy almost every typical Honduran food in Valle de Angeles, there are plenty of places where you can have the famous pupusas, carne asada (roasted meat), and delicious corns with butter and cheese. Several places in downtown Valle de Angeles have tables and chairs to enjoy a good lunch right on the sidewalks.

If you go to Valle de Angeles on a Sunday, you will see a lot of tourists from all over the world walking on the streest of the town, it's very common to see people from Japan, Canada, Europe and US as well.

In the central park there are almost every Sunday some type of cultural events. The last time I was there I could enjoy a presentation of typical dancers and typical music from Panama and Honduras.

Valle de Angeles is the perfect place to visit if you happen to be in Tegucigalpa, specially if you go with your family and kids. You can easily go on a Sunday morning, spend your time walking on the streest in the downtown area, take a look at some of the most beautiful handicrafts and purchase a couple of them to take back home as a souvenir. At noon you can have lunch with typical Honduran food, take a walk to the Central Park, go into the church right in front of the Central Park. You will also probably enjoy some cultural presentation in the Central Park, and you have to take a cup of Honduran coffee, relax and enjoy the town. In the afternoon you can go back to Tegucigalpa with your lungs filled with fresh air, your stomach filled with typical food, and if you had some stress you will definitely will loose it on a trip like this.

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