La Ceiba is the Bride of Honduras

La Ceiba is the third largest city in Honduras after Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. It is located in the north zone of Honduras, it is a port in the Caribbean Sea. The population is about 250 thousand people, and it is becoming larger and bigger every year. Because of its location, La Ceiba it's a very important tourism center.

La Ceiba has an international airport, the name of the airport is Goloson. As we have mentioned in other posts, Honduras has four international airports: Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Roatan and La Ceiba. Goloson Airport in La Ceiba has the third longest runway of all Central America airports, only after San Salvador airport and San Jose Costa Rica Airport. The terminal building is not very big, but it has all it´s needed for the operation of an international airport.

If you go to La Ceiba you have many options for vacations in nearby places. If you like beaches destinations, there are several beaches near La Ceiba where you can easily drive to. You can also go to Roatan and the Bay Islands taking a ferry boat and the trip is about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Roatan. There is also the option of taking an airplane and get to Roatan in 10 minutes. The Bay Islands are very near to La Ceiba.

The area around La Ceiba has many natural parks and natural reserves. One of the most known natural reserves near La Ceiba is Pico Bonito, which translated to English is Beautiful Peak, which is a landmark and point of reference at La Ceiba, you can see Pico Bonito from any part of the city. It is a high mountain (about 2400 meters high), and the natural reserve around Pico Bonito is a beautiful rain forest with rivers, jungle and all you need for extreme sports, rafting and related activities.

La Ceiba is known as the Capital of Eco-tourism in Honduras, and it's also known as the Capital of Entertainment. Every year in the month of May, La Ceiba celebrates a famous carnival with the name of San Isidro Carnival. It's not as famous as the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but keeping the proportions in Honduras and Central America it's a very popular carnival, and aproximately 500 thousand visitors and tourists go to La Ceiba every year during that celebration, so this Carnival is a very important celebration in Honduras and La Ceiba.

Every time I go to La Ceiba I enjoy a lot, there is much to see around. I'm lucky my brother lives in La Ceiba, he's been living there for the last 15 years. I'm lucky because I have a place to stay for free when I go there, how about that?. I enjoy the beach, the river, the mountains.

La Ceiba is a very warm city, people are very nice and like to have fun. Because of this and several other reasons, La Ceiba is known as the Bride of Honduras. People in Honduras refer to La Ceiba as "Ceibita La Bella", which is like "Little Ceiba the Beautiful". When you mention the name La Ceiba, people immediately associate that name with a tourist destination, a place to enjoy the Carnival and have fun of course.

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