Cruises trips to Roatan are increasing

Cruise ships getting to Roatan is something that has definitely increased a lot over the last few years. Honduras' Secretary of Tourism every once in a while publishes some information with statistical data about how many Cruises and how many tourists from those Cruises get to Roatan every year, and the trend is clearly going up every time they publish new information.

In average the number of visitors to Roatan coming from Cruises is in the range of 1 million tourists, and the number is increasing every year. Cruises have had Roatan as a destination in the Caribbean for many years, but lately the thing is getting much busier than people used to be aware of.

Since Carnival Cruises opened the new Cruise Terminal at Mahogany Bay in late 2009 and early 2010, the number of Cruises getting to Roatan has increased a lot compared with former years.

There are 2 main Cruise terminals in Roatan, the oldest and traditional one is located at Coxen Hole which is the main city in Roatan, and the other Cruise Terminal is at Mahogany Bay, which is not very far away from Coxen Hole. The picture above is an aerial view of the Terminal at Mahogany Bay, where you can clearly see at the upper left side of the picture the runway of Roatan International Airport which is basically located very near to Coxen Hole. In this picture you can not see Coxen Hole because it is behind those mountains in the back.

Over the last two years the busiest terminal with more Cruises getting in to Roatan is Mahogany Bay. In order to give you a quick reference, we could say that about 60% of Cruises get to Roatan through the Mahogany Bay Terminal, and 40% through the Terminal at Coxen Hole. Carnival Cruises is basically the owner of the Terminal at Mahogany Bay, so most Cruise ships getting there are from Carnival Cruises of course.

As we are getting closer to year end 2012, we will be waiting for new information about how many Cruises and visitors will finally get to Roatan this year. As far as we know, the trend is that the number of tourists this year 2012 will go over the 1 million visitors mark.

In general this is good news for the tourism sector in Honduras, Roatan is consolidating over time as a first class travel destination in the Caribbean. At the present time Roatan is definitely by far the number one Cruise destination in Central America. Roatan has everything that is needed to compete with any other Cruise or beach travel destination in the world.

As for us the Honduran citizens, let´s hope that traveling to Roatan won´t get much more expensive. When places like Roatan become so popular and have a lot of demand from international visitors, all things related to travel tend to become more and more expensive.

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