Cayos Cochinos, a paradise near the Bay Islands

In this post we're going to talk about Cayos Cochinos (Cochinos Cays), which is a group of minor islands that is part of the Bay Islands Department. The Bay Islands are very popular and many people all over the world know about them. Roatan, Utila and Guanaja are famous travel destinations in the Caribbean part of Honduras. However many people think that the Bay Islands are only composed by those 3 islands.

There are several other islands nearby, and several cays as well. Cayos Cochinos is an archipelago of minor islands and cays, which is composed by 2 minor islands and 11 cays. All 13 of them are known as the Cayos Cochinos, and they are part of the Bay Islands as we said. In fact, they are part of Roatan Municipality. Not many people know about these simple facts. Even in Honduras many people have heard about Cayos Cochinos, almost everybody know that they are a group of islands or cays but only a few people know about their exact location. If you ask someone about Cayos Cochinos and where they are located, most people in Honduras will tell you that they are somewhere in the Caribbean, but only few people have more knowledge about them. Most people in Honduras think that the Bay Islands are only Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. How about that?

As Cayos Cochinos is part of the Bay Islands, it's not very difficult to guess that they must be a paradisiac place, even if you have never heard about them, with the introduction we've just made you immediately associate in your mind images of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, white sand. And you're right, that's the way Cayos Cochinos can be described.

It's much easier getting to Roatan, Utila and Guanaja than it is to Cayos Cochinos, the only way you can get there is by boat. Cayos Cochinos is much closer to Honduras mainland than the Bay Islands. Cayos Cochinos is about 20 miles north east from La Ceiba. If you climb a mountain near La Ceiba, in a normal day with normal sunshine you can see Cayos Cochinos on the horizon.

Cayos Cochinos is a place yet to be discovered, not many people live there, the population is less than 200 people. It is a complete paradise in the Caribbean. Cayos Cochinos is a Marine Protected Area, it is a natural and biological reserve.

If you want to go to a place where the civilization is yet to come, and you want to admire natural beauty in an original state, the place to go is Cayos Cochinos. There are no roads, no cars, no bikes. Only nature. There's only one resort where tourists may stay in Cayos Cochinos, it has space for only 24 visitors in wooden cottages hidden in the hills and the nature. Most tourists that go to Cayos Cochinos are looking for diving adventures and willing to enjoy nature at its best.

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