Brief information about San Pedro Sula

Now it´s time to talk a little bit about San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras. In this post we will give a brief description of the city and some basic information. San Pedro Sula is located in the north west area of Honduras, and it is the most important industrial zone of the country, major companies and industries are based in San Pedro Sula. Many people refer to San Pedro Sula as the Industrial Capital of Honduras, and the reason for that is because most industrial developments are located there.

San Pedro Sula is located in the Sula Valley, and it is about 40 miles south of Puerto Cortes in the Caribbean Sea. In average it is between 50 to 100 meters above sea level, and the weather is very hot most time of the year, and very humid as well. Normal temperatures are in the range of 85 to 95 Farenheit. Not very often temperatures drop below 70 Farenheit, when that happens people immediately take out their sweaters because they feel like it´s freezing, no kidding!!

Even though I'm originally from Tegucigalpa, several years ago I used to live in San Pedro Sula, I lived there for 7 years, so I know the city very well. I even got used to the hot weather, when you live there you have to adapt to the weather, but it's a good idea to have AC systems in your house and in your car if you don´t want to feel uncomfortable.

The population in San Pedro Sula is about 1 million people, it's not a small town, it is a modern city. The international airport in San Pedro Sula is the biggest and busiest in Honduras. You can get to San Pedro Sula in direct flights from USA, Mexico, all central american countries and even from Spain.

The location of San Pedro Sula is very convenient for people who visit Honduras on vacations. You can easily go from San Pedro Sula to several beaches in the Caribbean shore of Honduras. You can go to Tela driving in 1 hour, you can go to Puerto Cortes and Omoa in 1 to 1.5 hours. You also can go to Yojoa Lake to the south in 1 hour. If you want to go to Copan Ruins it's a little bit more far away, but it´s only 3 hours so you could go early in the morning from San Pedro Sula to Copan and return in the afternoon.

People in San Pedro Sula are very nice, they like to talk, they like to have fun, they have a let's party kind of spirit. I really love San Pedro Sula, as I said before I used to live there from 1993 to 2000, 7 years of my life. For personal reasons I had to move back to Tegucigalpa, but every once in a while I go there. If you have to drive from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula is about 4 to 5 hours, it's not that far, is it?. If you take a flight is only 30 minutes.

San Pedro Sula is also the Capital of sports in Honduras. Whenever the Honduras National Soccer team plays official games for the qualifying rounds of the World Cup, they play in San Pedro Sula. People in San Pedro Sula support and cheer for the National Soccer team with all their heart. Unfortunately for me if I want to go the stadium to watch one of these games, I have to travel from Tegucigalpa from San Pedro Sula.

Well, that´s it for now, I better stop talking about soccer because I wouldn´t finish. We will be covering topics about San Pedro Sula in other posts, there is a lot more to tell about this beautiful city.


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